The Brief

Client:Vake Hills

Type:Full Identity Creation & Branding

Create a full brand identity and company name for an executive level real estate construction project.

The company is based around quality eco friendly materials, high standards and located surrounded by trees. They wanted to sell their apartments at the top end price, so we needed to create an image that reflected the value.


The name delivered was Vake (Vaké) Hills, ‘the Beverly Hills of Tbilisi’ it’s simple yet gives every connection we intended to the brand. Slightly out of town, above the city yet still located in Vake (a central district in Tbilisi)

By incorporating the leaf into the “V” icon we speak volumes about the project – it is intwined with nature. Using elegant shades of green such as the olive and deep mint, we appeal to the more upmarket sector and maintain the natural and sophisticated style – typical black and gold wouldn’t have fitted here!

In addition to Naming and Brand work I also developed in collaboration with Marketing and Web team;

Brochure Design
Business Cards & Stationary (Aprons, chopping boards etc.)
Billboard Advertisement
Social Media Content
Website Design